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Brian moving ranks to Boy Scout Second Class

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The new vicious beast – Alfred the puppy…

Say hello to seven week old Alfred. He is a silver Weimaraner who shits, pees, and sleeps 24/7. More pics to come as he grows up!
Information Technology Tips, Tricks, & Tweaks XenServer

Create VDI Larger than 2TB XenApp 5.6 SP2 (5.6.102)

I’ve been setting up a new XenServer with a Mirrored 250GB volume, and a RAID 5 volume with three 2TB disks. The mirror is holding the virtual servers, and the Raid5 is to be used for snapshots and the file storage. I’ve looked for a few days now trying to find a solution to exceed the 2TB limit in the new XenServer and I finally found it here. Credit to Scott Bigliardi for this:
  1. Begin by finding the uuid of the SR:
  2. Get the volume group device name:
  3. Create the new logical volume, with a proper name:
  4. Change 3T to 4T or 5T (etc) to specify the size of your giant VDI
  5. Tell XenServer to scan the SR:

After scanning the SR, the new VDI magically appeared under the Storage tab for this SR in XenCenter.

I then gave it a name and description, and assigned it to a VM just like any other VDI.

Firefox Information Technology Tips, Tricks, & Tweaks

True Aero Firefox – Make it transparent!

It’s all pretty easy… Just edit your userChrome.css file found under %appdata%\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<your profile>\chrome to include the below. Of Course I have the All-in-One Side bar (which is awesome), and a few other add-ons which I will list later, but here you go, or download it HERE:

Holy Hell, Fat Boy at Macs Speed Shop gave me a heart attack!

Yeah, so this last weekend we went all out and tried the Fat boy at Macs… So crazy they don’t even put it on their website menu. It’s there I promise you and it will cost you around $50 bucks! If you can down that and a liter of beer and a 1/2 lb of Mac & Cheese, you get a t-shirt and the meal for free. The CABG x5 will cost you extra… or at least your deductible!
Information Technology Tips, Tricks, & Tweaks

Sign Into Multiple Google Accounts Simultaneously

Finally! Just sign into your Google Account, access the Account Management page, and then look for Multiple sign-in under Personal Settings. Click Change, then follow the prompts. Sign Into Multiple Google Accounts Simultaneously
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My Frequently Used Screensavers

My Frequently Used Screen Savers:
Hardware Information Technology

Badass Custom Built PC 14TB, i7 960, 12GB DDR3, N495GTX, 1KW PSU

This has to be one of the coolest PC’s I’ve ever built.

We were given the task to build the fastest PC for Video editing and rendering, with the most storage space we could fit, all without becoming a heater or jet engine for the user sitting in a cubical. The system had to be fault tolerant, so one OS hard drive could die and/or one drive from the RAID 5 array could die and still function. If the case could hold more drives I would have devoted another drive or two for a hot spare.

Information Technology Operating Systems Tips, Tricks, & Tweaks Windows 7 Windows Vista

Run Windows Applications In Elevated Mode (UAC Prompt) sudo for Windows 7

So how do you get a batch file to run as an elevated user? For example, I have a batch file that will copy the contents of an XP user’s profile to a Windows 7 user’s profile. The only catch is that the Windows 7 user profile structure is different, and the batch file must be run elevated in order to read the junctions so as to not fail the copying. So how do you do this without having the user right click and “Run as Administrator”? Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista 7. This file contains a ton of useful scripts for the admin, or even the average power user. I can’t believe this has been out since June 2008 and i’m only finding it now! Great tool without having to use the runas command, or play with a Power Shell script. This will most certainly be deployed on all my future Windows 7 machines! The two key files in this package are:
  1. elevate.cmd (+)
  2. elevate.vbs (+)
The CMD is a simple batch file that will pass arguments into the VBS file. The VBS file will prompt the end user with the typical UAC prompt to allow or cancel, or display a usage box if no arguments are specified. I only made one slight modification, since I would always be launching this from a Run or Command window. I changed the last line in the batch file to read: I dumped these two files in my C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory, and renamed them to SUDO.CMD and SUDO.VBS. I no longer need the Start++ application for the sudo command!
sudo for Windows 7
Operating Systems Tips, Tricks, & Tweaks Ubuntu

Install Flash on Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) 64bit

Credit to “My Science is Better” for the tutorial on installing native 64bit Flash Player 10 on Linux. You can find the article here, but most importantly the script here. chmod +x the script and run it… Since I lost my tapt script, here’s my mirror…