Alfred’s First Swim

He’s going to need to practice more…. his paws were touching the sky!

Alfred Being a Lazy Bitch

FlashFlight LED Balls, not to be confused with FleshLight

These balls are awesome! I bought three more after my first one. You can get them for 10 bucks a pop at

Alfred Panting….finally (cold blooded poopbox)

I say finally because this dog would never pant. He could run for miles and then stop and look at you like he just woke up! Now I know he works…

Brian moving ranks to Boy Scout Second Class

The new vicious beast – Alfred the puppy…

Say hello to seven week old Alfred. He is a silver Weimaraner who shits, pees, and sleeps 24/7. More pics to come as he grows up!

Holy Hell, Fat Boy at Macs Speed Shop gave me a heart attack!

Yeah, so this last weekend we went all out and tried the Fat boy at Macs… So crazy they don’t even put it on their website menu. It’s there I promise you and it will cost you around $50 bucks! If you can down that and a liter of beer and a 1/2 lb of Mac & Cheese, you get a t-shirt and the meal for free. The CABG x5 will cost you extra… or at least your deductible!