Sudo for Windows 7 (via Start ++)

User Account Control (UAC) has finally been “fixed” in Windows 7 eliminating the endless prompts to allow something to happen, like simply copying, pasting or deleting files. Since Microsoft had “tweaked” the UAC settings you only get the prompt when making major system changes like Running Programs as Administrators or Installing Software/Programs. If you’re like me, there shouldn’t really be any need to disable this feature. It only prompts when it’s supposed to. Even as a Network Admin, I keep it on. It doesn’t bother me on Windows 7 like it did on Vista causing me to return to good ole XP. That being said, BrandonTools makes a fantastic tool called Start ++. This tool gives you the SUDO command. Well, kind of, it will start a program as an administrator just by typing in SUDO <program>. Great for command prompts, Visual Studio, or another program (Explorer) that needs Admin rights. It also has some other cool features that tie into your Start Menu Search box. Although they don’t seem to work on Windows 7

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